COLOUR Collection

Alice Ceramica offers all its washbasins, WCs, bidets in 12 beautiful colors.

Aside from the classic pearl shiny white, we can apply our special colour mixture to any product and “cook” it alongside the porcelain to permanently embed it below surface – this makes it safe from scratches and permanent.

Cod. 01
Bianco Europa – Europe White
Cod. 09
Bianco matt – White matt
Cod. 41
Cenere matt – Ash matt
Cod. 08
Nero matt – Black matt
Cod. 19
Grigio matt – Grey matt
Cod. 12
Platino – Platinum
Cod. 82
Antracite matt – Anthracite matt
Cod. 39
Verde Alpi  – Green Alpi
Cod. 14
Oro – Gold
Cod. 37
Rosa matt – Rose matt
Cod. 43
Caffè matt – Coffee matt
Cod. 44
Sabbia matt – Sand matt

The Bi-COLOUR Collection

The choice is yours! Check out our bi-color collection and get in touch to get the combination you like the most.

ALICE Ceramica made in italy
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