FORM Collection

Form collection Alice Ceramica

FORM washbasins have a special gap below the sink that allows a deeper cleaning.


3 new models introduced for 2018 with 3 more to go (with 3 sizes each).


FORM base gap combined with vertical light gives a particular “floating” effect.


FORM edges measures only 6 mm

Alice Ceramica is introducing 3 new washbasins to its established and successful FORM collection, as well as a groundbreaking shower tray.

The new bowl-shaped washbasins provide some of the smoothest edges in the sanitary-ware industry, as well as a very peculiar “floating” effect on the bottom. The new base allow a deeper cleaning of the bowl from below, making it easier to provide the highest level of hygiene.

The new shower tray is a stunning 2 meters long ceramic monolith, coated with a patented anti-slip grip and in a broad range of colors.

Pre-orders for the FORM start November 2018 with deliveries from January 2019.

FORM Washbasins 2018

FORM Washbasins

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FORM Shower Tray 2018

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