FORM Collection

Form collection Alice Ceramica

FORM washbasins have a special gap below the sink that allows a deeper cleaning.


3 new models introduced for 2018 with 3 more to go (with 3 sizes each).


FORM base gap combined with vertical light gives a particular “floating” effect.


FORM edges measures only 6 mm

Alice Ceramica is introducing 5 new washbasins to its established and successful FORM collection, as well as a groundbreaking shower tray.

The new bowl-shaped washbasins provide some of the smoothest edges in the sanitary-ware industry, as well as a very peculiar “floating” effect on the bottom. The new base allow a deeper cleaning of the bowl from below, making it easier to provide the highest level of hygiene.

The new shower tray is a stunning up to 2 meters long ceramic monolith, coated with a patented anti-slip grip and in a broad range of colors.

FORM Washbasins

Lavabo Form 65×40
Form washbasin 65×40
Lavabo Form 60×35
Form washbasin 60×35
Lavabo Form ø45
Form washbasin ø45
Lavabo Ovale 60×35 H15
Washbasin Ovale 60×35 H15
Lavabo Form ø37 h15
Form washbasin ø37 h15

FORM WCs and Bidets

Vaso Form senza brida
Form Wc rimless
Bidet Form
Form bidet
Vaso Form H50 senza brida
Form Wc H50 rimless
Bidet Form H50
Form bidet H50
Vaso sospeso Form senza brida
Form Wc wall hung rimless
Bidet sospeso Form
Form bidet wall hung
Orinatoio sospeso Form
Form wall hung urinal
Orinatoio sospeso
Form con fotocellula
Form wall hung urinal w photo-cell

FORM Shower Tray and bathtub

Piatti Doccia Form H3
Form Shower Tray H3
Cod. PD701003 70×100 H3
Cod. PD701203 70×120 H3
Cod. PD701403 70×140 H3
Cod. PD801003 80×100 H3
Cod. PD801203 80×120 H3
Cod. PD801403 80×140 H3
Cod. PD801603 80×160 H3
Cod. PD801803 80×180 H3
Cod. PD1002003 100×200 H3
Vasca Form in acrilico 190×90
Form acrylic bathtub 190×90

FORM Scenario

ALICE Ceramica made in italy
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