NUR Collection

Alice Ceramica would like to introduce you to its newest collection: NUR.

NUR collection is the pinnacle of Italian sanitary-ware engineering and design. Art director and designer Massimiliano Braconi crafted an impossible bend, never seen before in porcelain-made washbasins. The collection marks a new beginning of Alice as a pioneer of innovative design mixed with art and engineering advancements, bringing the company among the industry leaders as a key player in the sanitary-ware business.

The edges of the NUR washbasins require the classical “poured-in mold” process to be revisited to accommodate the “sottosquadro” bend of the curve. Our artisans have to intervene and gradually remove the chalk molds by hand to allow a multi-stage drying process. The negative curve of the edge represents the new aggressive and ambitious attitude of Alice Ceramica.

Alice Ceramica NUR

The “sottosquadro” negative curve is a patented, never attempted before washbasin shape.


The edges of the washbasin measures only 6 mm.


The NUR collection has been designed by Massimiliano Braconi, leading designer of the Italian sanitary-ware industry.


The NUR washbasins require our artisans to individually remove by hand the inner chalk molds in order not to ruin the overall, ambitious shape.

NUR Washbasins

NUR WCs and Bidets

NUR Settings

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