SPY Collection

Spy Collection Alice ceramica

We are bringing the design and practicality of Alice Ceramica to the tightest spaces with SPY!


SPY comes in a 4 models line-up in 2018, with 7 more all-purpose washbasins in January 2019.


2019 models will also come with a revolutionary “edge-only” design with no faucet space – starting from just 25x25cm.


SPY edges measures less than 5 mm

Alice Ceramica once again brings innovation driven from its most loyal customers – in late 2018 we are introducing SPY.

We listened to what our customers wanted (so badly in the Nordics!) and designed a practical, design driven line for narrow spaces and cozy ambiances. The 11 pieces washbasins line is ideal for those who want all the design and innovation of Alice combined with the space-savvy approach of Nordics architects.

SPY is already available in the 4 measures above with 4 more coming January 2019. We start pre-orders today and will ship beginning December 1st, 2018.

SPY Washbasins