Alice Ceramica’s stand for Ish 2023 has the theme “Perspectives”. This concept was chosen to celebrate the company’s recent rebranding, which led them to adopt a new communication style. The idea is to create a space where the visitor can perceive Alice Ceramica’s attitude towards research and the development of new horizons.

The stand is designed as a labyrinth, which metaphorically represents Alice Ceramica’s attitude. The different bathroom environments are connected to each other, creating a game of perspectives in which there is a sense of shared space. The visiting experience becomes engaging and interactive as a result.

The key element of the stand is the variation in the position of the products, depending on the visitor’s point of view. This creates a metaphysical experience, which represents Alice Ceramica’s new language style in a playful way. The company wants to showcase their products in a creative and engaging way, demonstrating the commitment to innovation and research.

Overall, Alice Ceramica’s stand perfectly represents their new language style and their attitude towards research and the development of new horizons.

13-17 March – Frankfurt